A collection of my projects completed to date, showcasing my programming skills and experience.

My name is Chris Veilleux. I am a first-year student studying at the Lakehead-Georgian partnership Computer Science program in Barrie, Ontario. The first semester of this program has exposed me to a multitude of programming languages and concepts including Object-Oriented Programming with Java, database design and creation using MySQL, and web design with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am excited to present the below projects as evidence of my knowledge to date, and look forward to updating this portfolio as I continue through the second semester where I will tackle new courses including .NET programming using C#, Client-Side Javascript, and Web Programming Using PHP.

My Projects

Angular Project

TicketMaster Using AngularJS

A conceptual recreation of the TicketMaster site using AngularJS, performing CRUD operations on a MongoDB collection.
View on GitHub.

Web app connecting to a database

Content Management System in PHP

A CMS built in PHP and Bootstrap 5, with full authentication features, performing CRUD operations on a MySQL database.
View on GitHub.

Connect Four in Java

Connect Four in Java

A console based recreation of Connect Four integrating core Object Oriented Programming principles.
View on GitHub.

Driving simulator on Arduino

Car Driving Simulator

A vehicle driving simulator using an Arduino circuit board and various components, completed on TinkerCad.com.
Try it yourself.
To run, press the "Simulate" button, then the "Start Simulation" button.